ApexRaceParts.com is new site and source for the ARC-8 wheels along with many other performance parts such as Big Brake Kits from Massive and Brembo, suspension compenents like shocks, springs, coilover kits, and camber plates. And many other accessories like momo and sparco products.

The site is still currently under construction. We hope to have it up in the next week

The site will also host our special groupbuy ordering section where we will manage all of our unique product groupbuys.

4x100 wheels arriving September 2nd

17x8" et25 4x100 direct fitment e30 wheels will be arriving September 2nd.

4 colors are available:

Hyper Silver
Hpper Black
Satin Black

Contact me if your interested in a set. This is a limited volume production run for the groupbuy that ended 1.5 months ago, with some remaining sets still available


It's been a long time since I've updated this blog. We only have a few sets remaining. I've received nothing but complements from everyone about the wheels.

As of August 12th, we still have the following sets available:

2 sets of Hyper Black
1 set of Hyper Silver
2 sets of Matte Black
Motorsport silver is SOLD OUT

The groupbuy is long over now. Pricing is $275 each. If you'd like a set, get in contact with me asap via phone or email. These will all be gone by the end of the month from the messages I've been receiving.

-Eddy P

Wheels have shipped

For those who've pre-ordered wheels have started shipping.  The majority went out today.  Some people came to pick them up in person, and others will be going out this Friday.

contact us

With the wheels arriving this Wednesday we will be extremely busy preparing wheels for a Thursday shipment. We're also dealing with a move to a new larger warehouse location. Phones and the internet are being activated at this location the same day, but systems are still down. We will be unable to monitor PM's and emails through out the day. If you have any urgent questions please contact us directly via phone at 925-413-6280

-Eddy Pintacsi

Wheels almost here!

I just received a call from our freight company. The container should be arriving late on Wednesday this week. We'll be unloading and boxing wheels up late into the evening, so that they are ready to ship out this Thursday. Local pickups available this Wednesday afternoon :D

Slight wheel delay

We were expecting wheels to hit port by this date. There was some kind of additional delay. I don't know if the ship left at a different date then originally anticipated or if the 2 weeks of ocean travel is a rounded figure. The most accurate arrival date I have now is the 21st of April (1 week of delay from our original figure). I was told by our customs broker that it could be the 24th before they are in our warehouse.

Nothing else will be done the day they arrive besides packaging wheels and shipping them out. These wheels will go out right away, and everyone will be sent their corresponding tracking numbers.

For locals going to bimmerfest who are concerned with the deadline, these wheels will be available for pickup the same day they arrive. The shop can also be held open late to fit peoples schedule (please contact me directly about this). We have access to tire mounting services as well.  For others in CA who need them ASAP they can be shipped via Golden State Overnight at no additional costs.

Wheels on their way

Wheels completed production at the end of last month and were packed into a container.  They've been on their way since early this month.  They should be arriving in 1-2 weeks now.

The conservative time estimate I've been using to this point showed the wheels arriving in the middle of April.  It may be possible that the wheels take an additional week dealing with customs.  It took a few extra days for the ship to leave port, and customs is always a variable nobody can predict.  I'm very glad to see that ever since funds were collected and production started, there have been no set backs that cause a serious delay.

This project has been over 1 year in the making now.  I'm very pleased to see that they will be here within a week +/- of our original ETA.  I've seen numerous products people have made payment for and end up being delayed in the production or shipping stage. 

17x8" 4x100 wheel list

The 4x100 list is growing. we now have 18 people of 25 needed to move forward (assuming everyone steps up with funds

Official list for 17x8" et25~ 4x100 wheel:
1. Ritchie Zah therichsta (ATL.GA)
2. Bimmerman325i
3. td325ic
4. mbonder 
5. morvaman (bk,ny) 
6. jonny cash
7. catchuk
8. e30guydownunder
9. tubby17s
10. Stück
12. bmwlover0725
13. ADCD875
14. Fidhle007
15. E30Nova
16. Kiprugod
17. J0kER
18. Beemer323

APEX centercap

Official APEX center cap to be used on the ARC-8 wheel

Professional Photography

Official APEX photography of the New ARC-8 wheel

List for the 4 lug fitment

We are currently taking names for the 4x100 17x8" e30 fitment GroupBuy. Pre-orders are not open yet, at this stage we are just collecting names of interested parties. These wheels cannot be produced unless we receive 25 paid pre-orders once we reach the final stage. There is approximately 30-45 days left before pre-orders will begin.

Official list for 17x8" et25~ 4x100 wheel.
1. Ritchie Zah therichsta (ATL.GA)
2. Bimmerman325i
3. td325ic
4. mbonder
5. morvaman (bk,ny)
6. jonny cash
7. catchuk
8. e30guydownunder
9. tubby17s
10. Stück
12. bmwlover0725
13. ADCD875

Matte Black sample

Here is a sample of the Matte black. Both fitments will be produced in this color as well

New Hyper Black sample

I received a new sample of the Hyper Black finish wheel. The previous sample had to much silver sprayed onto it since it was hand painted. This new sample better illustrates what the final production finish will look like. It is diffucult to capture this finish in photography as it behaves different as the light changes. In low light it looks much darker. The last photo was taken with a flash and makes the wheel appear darker then it actually is. It's really more of a middle ground between the 3 photos.

4x100 fitment

We are currently looking at a 4x100 version of the 17x8" wheel. Engineers sent me a quick mock up of what an et25 4x100 wheel would look like. Ofsets are not finalized, this was just a quick computer test of it's feasbilty. Production is dependent on a minimum number of pre-order sales.

Test fitment on E36 M3 with Brembo BBK

The wheels were tested on the E36 running a TCK coilover kit and Brembo BBK. They cleared the caliper no problem. Spacers were needed to clear the strut tube properly, which is common for all 9" wide wheels that will run wide tires.

17x9" et42 clears tube with 10mm spacers

17x8.5" et40 clears tube with 5mm spacer17x8" et38 clears caliper with 10mm spacer

Out in the sun

Just some photos out in the sun. The wheels will also be produced in Matte black, but I don't have a sample wheel in that color.

Left to right -> Motorsport Silver, Hyper Silver, Hyper Black

Reversed Order

Hyper Silver and Hyper Black

Well UPS showed up today to my surprise. He dropped off a Hyper Black and Hyper Silver wheel. Hyper silver is two different coats of silver with a clear over it, while Hyper Black is a Black base coat with the silver misted on top. It seems they keep spraying the Hyper Black coatings too thick so beside the barrel color, it's only about 90% different. Because of this Hyper Black will no longer be a guaranteed option.  With 10 people it can still be had.

I was forced to take indoor photographs due to rain. Please note that Motorsport Silver looks very odd in this light with a flash.

Hyper Black
Hyper SilverMotorsport SilverYou Guess

Lee's Massive BBK fitment Images

I've done a test fitment on the 17x8" et20 APEX ARC-8 with one of Lee's Massive BBK templates. The testing was done with his largest 332mm x 32mm Kit using a 6 piston SL6R radial Wilwood caliper. There is about 6mm of clearance at the tighest point. From there the spokes angle outward leaving a lot of room. You can also see the metal removal around the lug area to save weight as discussed previously.

Purchasing information

A basic site has been put together to help organize pre-orders. It is having some issues, and will be up shortly.

I've posted the purchasing information on a new Blog until the problem is fixed. Please follow this link, or the link on the right to get product and purchasing information